More features.
More service.
More player.
All features are available as plugins; just select the ones you need.
Supports MP3, MP4, WebM, OGG, DASH and HLS streams. We even support Smooth!
We support several DRM flavours: PlayReady, Widevine and FairPlay.

Meisterplayer is a high service HTML5 web-player capable of playing DASH, Smooth, HLS, MP4 (h264/AAC), MP3 (single file, ShoutCast, IceCast), AAC, OGG-content. We have DRM-support for FairPlay, Widevine and PlayReady.
Meisterplayer's plugin structure allows you to just use the features you need in order to keep your player fast, lean and mean. No resources are wasted on functionality you are not using.
We have created a lot of plugins ready for you to use or you can develop your own plugins to suit your needs.

At Meisterplayer we exist for service. That’s why we offer an affordable HTML5 player that comes with lots of features, is extremely user-friendly and helps you to efficiently distribute, manage and monetize your video content.


This Meisterplayer instance is configured with a few plugins to show you what it can do:

  • Playlists
  • VAST-Advertising (prerolls, per playlist item)
  • Playback of an MP4-file
  • Playback of a DASH stream (without DRM)
  • Playback of a HLS livestream (without DRM)
  • HLS
  • DASH
  • Smooth
  • MP4 (h264/ACC)
  • MP3
  • AAC
  • OGG
  • IceCast
  • Widevine
  • Playready
  • Fairplay
  • AES
  • HTML5 browsers
  • Chromecast receivers
  • Chromecast senders
  • AirPlay devices (non-drm)
  • VAST
  • VMAP
  • Google Analytics
  • Conviva
  • StreamSense
  • Youbora
Earlier this year, NLziet has implemented the Meister player for its VOD platform on the web. During the implementation, Triple has proven to be a very professional and pleasant partner to work with and we are very content with the end result. Highly recommended!
Hans Teijgeler
Product Owner NLziet
Through direct contact with the Triple developers and rapid iteration cycles we created a solid player base that we can expand and rely on.
Jeroen Kroezen
Product Owner RTL Nederland

7 Minutes after receiving a build of Meister player:

Documentation is pretty straightforward, I already have the stream up and running and I'm not even a developer!
Arno Drost
Product Owner Videoland
We know what it takes to get you up & running, that's why we can deliver
rock-solid support.
Woodstock Basic Pro Enterprise
Free € 199 p/m € 749 p/m Call us!
Livestream, DVR
DASH, HLS, Smooth, mp4
360 Virtual Reality Buy
Chromecast Sender & Receiver Buy
Ads support (no revenue share)
UI Template support
* Contact us for quicker response time options.

We exist for service.

We are dedicated to making the implementation process as smooth and simple as possible. Our paid plans include direct email, phone and slack-support. We aim to get our customers up and running as fast as possible by providing direct lines of communication with the Meisterplayer development team.

Woodstock Basic Pro Enterprise
24/7 Support Option
Forum/ KB
Email support
Phone & Slack support We'll call you
Response time * 48 hours 24 hours 12 hours*
Integration support
Free updates/upgrades
Early updates & betas
Account manager Option
Event support/standby Option
Support on site Option
Community Edition

We believe in community driven software development, that's why we have released the core Meisterplayer as an open-source Woodstock edition. You can freely download the source code and tinker and tweak it to suit your needs. Create your own plugins! Design your own UI! Meisterplayer has been released on GitHub and is available to be installed as NPM module.

Check out our Github repo's

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For sales inquiries please contact us at or call us at +31(0)725129516 and ask for the Meisterplayer team.

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